Frequently Asked Questions:
Is there an enrollment fee?
Yes, there is a registration fee of $100, maximum $150 per family. Payable upon receipt.
Is there a book fee?
Yes, the school will provide the necessary books and materials for students. You will receive actual books that will be yours to keep! Book fee due by August 1st.
What is your mask policy?
In order to keep each other safe, we will require teachers and students to wear masks while in the  classroom. However, we plan to spend as much time as possible outside on the Wilmore Green  and on the deck at Drinklings coffee shop (book clubs) – where masks would be optional.
If there is a shut down due to COVID-19, would we move classes online?
We would make modifications to continue online. This actually works well for our small class sizes.
Will we have lunch at school?
Secondary students may bring a snack and/or lunch to school. On Tuesdays, Secondary students  may bring money to purchase drinks or food for carry-out from the restaurants in Wilmore.
Primary students will not be eating lunch at the school, but should bring a snack everyday.