Creative Expressions with Ms. Abbey

Our instructor Miss Abbey is an up-and-coming artist

who wants to share the skills she has learned

but most of all nurture the creative spirit in your child

keeping them self confident and bold in expression.


Art begins with ideas. But where do ideas come from? How do we find ideas in the world around us? And how do we tell if my idea is a good idea or a bad idea? Is there really a such thing as a bad idea? Join us for a mind-expanding exploration of inspiration that will help us all learn to trust our ideas and fearlessly use our creativity.

Colors are one of the most important parts of art, helping us create beauty and feelings in our art. In his class we will explore the color wheel, mixing different shades and values of color, and how to make shades of brown and other neutral colors.
It can be helpful to begin a painting with a sketch of what you want to paint. This class includes how to draw light lines in pencil, how to loosen up your pencil strokes and create relaxed, happy lines rather than nervous ones, how to draw shapes, and general instruction on how to sketch out your paintings.
You might think that artists just pull their paintings entirely out of their own imaginations, but really, artists have to use references. This class includes how to look at references and draw what you see, and how to recognize shapes in references.

A painting is flat, but a good artist can make it seem as if you are looking inside the painting, into a three-dimensional space. It’s not magic, it’s perspective! This class will include the basics of how to use perspective, and instruction about backgrounds in paintings.


Final class! For the last class, we’ll combine everything we have learned for a great celebration of creativity. Everyone starts out in different places in this class and learns at a different pace. The concepts listed in each class description are a list of things we can learn and explore, not a list of requirements. If one person understands all the concepts and another spends the whole class learning the first one, that’s okay! Everyone is different. That’s what makes everyone’s art unique and important.


Here is the registration link: Creative Expresssions with Ms. Abbey