Crunch Time!

Mondays, Noon

Looking for families who breastfeed, cloth diaper, practice gentle discipline, babywear, and other non-conventional or “crunchy” practices? A judgement free zone with lots of information and resources. Our library includes over 30 baby carriers, breast pumps, birthing balls, baby sign resources, OVER 100 books and more!

FOR ONLINE SUPPORT and questions join our Wilmore Natural Parenting and Babywearing Facebook Group!

Play Time!

Wednesdays, 10am to Noon

Everyone is welcome at The Family Center – all types of caregivers, all ages of kids, all kinds of FUN! Each month is a new theme for the play area so there’s always something and someone new. Feel free to bring a friend!

Preschool Time!

Mondays, 10 am

Are you a caregiver to a 3 to 6 yr old? Looking for a social setting with lots of skill based activities? You will LOVE this laid back learning playgroup! Younger siblings and other children welcome to play nearby.

Night Owls Time!

Thursdays, 6:15 pm

Seems like all the fun play groups are in the day time. Caregivers who work outside of the home and students have a group at Night Owls Time. We value your limited time, so each night has a talk, activity or discussion. Not only will you be “hanging out” but you’ll “take home” something.  Keep an eye out for Family Crafts Nights.

Anyone in our playgroups can join our TFC Chat Group on Facebook for online support and questions. 



Single Parent Power

Every Friday at 6pm

A Monthly meeting for parents like you who are also parenting with out a partner. Everyone is welcome – moms, dads, grandparents, and foster parents.

Meetings are laid back and have lots of time for eating and talking while kids of all ages have something to do. We hope to have things like Game Night, Craft Night, maybe even a special guest or two. Help us spread the word and come hang out!!!

DETAILS: Bring the kids or get a sitter, its up to you. $5 meals will be available – sponsors coming soon