Progress and Goals

Hello Friends!

We look forward to a wonderful 2019 with you!  Thank you for your past attendance, financial support and encouragement.  We wanted to share with you the amazing hights of 2018 and then share some ways we can walk together in 2019.


  • Attendance rose across the board!
    • Monthly average was over 300 visits
    • Two Months saw over 700 visits
  • Giving was up!
    • We had one wonderful God Level Sponsor – Shadowlands Community Church
    • Our “Friends of the Family Center” program grew with new $50/month givers
    • We were just awarded $6000+ from 100 Women Who Care Jessamine County (Jan 8)
  • New Landlords are taking good care of us!
  • New Heating system is more efficient and lower bills
  • Plans underway for major renovations including ADA compliant restrooms
  • Fantastic Programming increases our ability to serve!
  • Flex! (Senior Exercise) is a roaring success with over a dozen participants
  • STEM Saturdays set attendance records 3 times – Fossils/Rocks, Solar, and Oceans
  • Art Room saw homeschooling, afterschool and adult classes\


  • We need more volunteers particularly to lead new groups and for Arts Programming
  • Our goal is 30 Friends of The Family Center and we have 15 (Monthly supports of $20-$50)
  • Looking for a Gold Level Sponsor for each month ($1000)
  • Only $1000 left on our goal for renovations including ADA compliant restrooms
  • More folks enrolling The Family Center on their Kroger Rewards
    • Go to>Saving and Rewards>Kroger Community Rewards
    • Under Organization Name: The Family Center of Wilmore
    • Organization Number: YJ647

Five Areas of Focus – Meaningful Family Experiences

3rd in our series on the Five Areas of Focus

“We are making time for your Family!” That’s a common slogan you will hear at The Family Center. We continue to offer fun, learning and Arts activities for the WHOLE FAMILY! With limited time and resources, its important than ever to carve out space every week to spend meaningful time together, making memories, and just sharing experiences.

Saturday Specials are an opportunity for families to schedule that time in quaint small town Wilmore. Not only does the Family Center offer the activity but our meeting place in Wilmore offers you a small-town atmosphere with locally owned restaurants and beautiful parks to round out your day.  Families appreciate activities which both parents can enjoy with their children in a laid-back atmosphere and be home for Lunch! Our past partners for meaningful family experiences include Bluegrass Army Depot, Bricks 4 Kidz Family Build, STEM Saturdays, Sparrow Music’s Family Music Night, Forensic Science with Yellow Wood Tutoring, Farmer’s Market Fun, and much more!

We are making time for your Family!

Our meet-ups and connect groups are places where both children and parents feel comfortable and welcome. The children’s area is within arm’s reach and visually accessible from the caregiver’s table and chairs, similar to a Mc Donald’s playland. Don’t worry if you have an attached baby or toddler, there area is right next to you and parents can sit on the mats with a new crawler or toddler and still feel like part of the group!

85% of activities at The Family Center cater to the whole family. If you ever message us for a workshop asking if its “kid friendly,” you’ve likely received a resounding “YES! That’s how we roll.” We are not a drop off place for kids and very rarely are our classes and meetings only for parents. If a kids’ activity doesn’t offer a parent’s component, we have an area to enjoy a beverage and meet other families just like you!

At The Family Center there is something for everyone – TOGETHER!

Five Areas of Focus – Children’s Enrichment

2nd in our series on our Five Areas of Focus

We are told SO MUCH our child needs to know before Kindergarten. The pressure is on to make sure your child isn’t left behind!! Bring them to the Family Center for fun activities that provide enriching experiences.

Even our most laid back meet-up is a learning experience, especially for pre-schoolers. Not only will a trip to The Family Center present your child with a variety of social experiences, but our unique themed based approach in our play area provides a variety of stimulating activities. From puzzles, to books, to imaginary play to early STEM activities you can be sure your child’s time at TFC is well spent.

Beyond our environment, you’ll also find a wealth of activities from civic organizations, STEM events, and a plethora of Arts. We provide space for Girl Scouts, Family Music Nights, Pop-up Painting with Creative Arts League of Jessamine County, Lego builds, and much more.

Too many times we have heard “there’s nothing for our kids to do in Wilmore!” We want to be a solution to that problem. Please feel free to contact us if your group would like to use our space to provide enrichment activities for children (email at

Five Areas of Focus

The Family Center (Your Meeting Place and Resource Library) was founded with 5 areas of focus. Our first few blogs will discuss these five areas. We want you to know WHY we are here.

Parent Education
Child Enrichment
Meaningful Family Experiences
Connect Groups
Making Space for families in downtown Wilmore

Five Areas of Focus: Parent Education

1st in our series on our Five Areas of Focus

You want to be the best parent you can, but feel like there’s so much you don’t know!! When you try to research online, do you just feel overwhelmed and discouraged? Check our our RESOURCE LIBRARY!

Our goal is to provide an array of resources stretching a spectrum of approaches, while only offering those our families have found helpful. The websites we suggest, the books we have on our shelves and the products we let you try out have proven faithful to other parents just like you!

The Family Center’s Saturday Special workshops give ample opportunity to explore many different topics. Tell us what you want to learn, and we’ll make a class! Some workshops are lead by professionals or agencies already providing the services or products you are interested in.

However, As Wilmore’s MEETING PLACE, we also host many meet-ups. We know you learn the most from other parents just like you! Whether the meet-up or connect group you choose to attend has a set topic of discussion, our groups are fantastic sources of information, advice and experience. The beautiful thing is every member of our community has something valuable to share!!!

Five Areas of Focus

The Family Center (Your Meeting Place and Resource Library) was founded with 5 areas of focus. Our first few blogs will discuss these five areas. We want you to know WHY we are here.

Parent Education
Child Enrichment
Meaningful Family Experiences
Connect Groups
Making Space for families in downtown Wilmore