Five Areas of Focus: Parent Education

1st in our series on our Five Areas of Focus

You want to be the best parent you can, but feel like there’s so much you don’t know!! When you try to research online, do you just feel overwhelmed and discouraged? Check our our RESOURCE LIBRARY!

Our goal is to provide an array of resources stretching a spectrum of approaches, while only offering those our families have found helpful. The websites we suggest, the books we have on our shelves and the products we let you try out have proven faithful to other parents just like you!

The Family Center’s Saturday Special workshops give ample opportunity to explore many different topics. Tell us what you want to learn, and we’ll make a class! Some workshops are lead by professionals or agencies already providing the services or products you are interested in.

However, As Wilmore’s MEETING PLACE, we also host many meet-ups. We know you learn the most from other parents just like you! Whether the meet-up or connect group you choose to attend has a set topic of discussion, our groups are fantastic sources of information, advice and experience. The beautiful thing is every member of our community has something valuable to share!!!

Five Areas of Focus

The Family Center (Your Meeting Place and Resource Library) was founded with 5 areas of focus. Our first few blogs will discuss these five areas. We want you to know WHY we are here.

Parent Education
Child Enrichment
Meaningful Family Experiences
Connect Groups
Making Space for families in downtown Wilmore