Five Areas of Focus – Meaningful Family Experiences

3rd in our series on the Five Areas of Focus

“We are making time for your Family!” That’s a common slogan you will hear at The Family Center. We continue to offer fun, learning and Arts activities for the WHOLE FAMILY! With limited time and resources, its important than ever to carve out space every week to spend meaningful time together, making memories, and just sharing experiences.

Saturday Specials are an opportunity for families to schedule that time in quaint small town Wilmore. Not only does the Family Center offer the activity but our meeting place in Wilmore offers you a small-town atmosphere with locally owned restaurants and beautiful parks to round out your day.  Families appreciate activities which both parents can enjoy with their children in a laid-back atmosphere and be home for Lunch! Our past partners for meaningful family experiences include Bluegrass Army Depot, Bricks 4 Kidz Family Build, STEM Saturdays, Sparrow Music’s Family Music Night, Forensic Science with Yellow Wood Tutoring, Farmer’s Market Fun, and much more!

We are making time for your Family!

Our meet-ups and connect groups are places where both children and parents feel comfortable and welcome. The children’s area is within arm’s reach and visually accessible from the caregiver’s table and chairs, similar to a Mc Donald’s playland. Don’t worry if you have an attached baby or toddler, there area is right next to you and parents can sit on the mats with a new crawler or toddler and still feel like part of the group!

85% of activities at The Family Center cater to the whole family. If you ever message us for a workshop asking if its “kid friendly,” you’ve likely received a resounding “YES! That’s how we roll.” We are not a drop off place for kids and very rarely are our classes and meetings only for parents. If a kids’ activity doesn’t offer a parent’s component, we have an area to enjoy a beverage and meet other families just like you!

At The Family Center there is something for everyone – TOGETHER!