Five Areas of Focus – Children’s Enrichment

2nd in our series on our Five Areas of Focus

We are told SO MUCH our child needs to know before Kindergarten. The pressure is on to make sure your child isn’t left behind!! Bring them to the Family Center for fun activities that provide enriching experiences.

Even our most laid back meet-up is a learning experience, especially for pre-schoolers. Not only will a trip to The Family Center present your child with a variety of social experiences, but our unique themed based approach in our play area provides a variety of stimulating activities. From puzzles, to books, to imaginary play to early STEM activities you can be sure your child’s time at TFC is well spent.

Beyond our environment, you’ll also find a wealth of activities from civic organizations, STEM events, and a plethora of Arts. We provide space for Girl Scouts, Family Music Nights, Pop-up Painting with Creative Arts League of Jessamine County, Lego builds, and much more.

Too many times we have heard “there’s nothing for our kids to do in Wilmore!” We want to be a solution to that problem. Please feel free to contact us if your group would like to use our space to provide enrichment activities for children (email at

Five Areas of Focus

The Family Center (Your Meeting Place and Resource Library) was founded with 5 areas of focus. Our first few blogs will discuss these five areas. We want you to know WHY we are here.

Parent Education
Child Enrichment
Meaningful Family Experiences
Connect Groups
Making Space for families in downtown Wilmore