Why We Exist

Today’s parents feel busier than ever before while simultaneously burdened with a desire to be the best parent possible, as they are overwhelmed by an increasing volume of information often from polarizing perspectives. The Family Center serves as a life preserver for families across generational, educational, ethnic, religious and economic lines.


Nearly 9 out of every 10 activities at The Family Center cater
to the whole family. If you ever message us for a workshop asking if its “kid
friendly,” you’ve likely received a resounding “YES! That’s how we roll.”

Opportunities to Connect

We connect families to each other and their community by providing meeting space and a lending library to support:

  • STEM activities
  • Arts Education
  • Special needs families
  • Healthy lifestyles for the family
  • Cooking and nutrition classes
  • Playgroups
  • Girl Scouts
  • Homeschool enrichment
  • And much more!

We are a non-profit serving families in Jessamine, Fayette, Madison and Garrard counties. We think that these activities should all be done in the context of family, where memories are made and learning is solidified.

Friends of The Family Center

The Family Center depends on its members to remain sustainable and able to provide the community with all of the quality programs and resources we have available. 

Become a “Friend”  today!

STEM Through a New Lens

Kentucky’s job market is quickly growing with an increased need for more high-tech and highly skilled labor. However, our students, particularly girls, are not showing enough interest or proficiency in these areas to meet the demands on our labor pool. Our rural communities have no opportunities for STEM exploration and supplementation in Jessamine County outside of school and the public library.

Our programming is unique in that we work to engage the whole family in STEM Saturdays. The Family Center delivers STEM workshops and education to the family unit as a whole. We have seen that families best integrate concepts as a unit. Making STEM education a priority for the whole family will ensure high-tech and high-skilled job proclivities are passed down through generations, making a deep impact in our communities.